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love_people's Journal

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Although this community isn't designed to be a direct antithesis to killpeople, it very well might have been.

Sometimes there is a certain person you love, a person whom all the world should have the absolute delight and honor of getting to know and love.

Here is where you can share that person with the rest of us.

If you post in this community, any entry must be dedicated to one person alone: someone you truly love with all your heart, and i will emphasize that it must be true love. And when you do post, don't hold back.
Say everything. Say anything ...

This is not a place to worship your favorite pop culture icon or to gush about your most recent romantic fling, nor is it a place to shout out to all of your friends you love. Additionally, if the person you want to dedicate your post to doesn't even know you, you probably mean to be at stalk_people, not here.

You know when you should post here; you don't need to be told. Nevertheless, be forewarned that if your post isn't appropriate, it will be removed. Still, it is most likely that if you feel your post deserves a place here, it does.