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Jelly Bean the Lioness

Dear Uncle Muz,

I love you still. I've been practically living in your house for the past six weeks, but in the past week everything changed. Every time someone comes down the stairs, I have this little silly hope that i will see you, with those bright eyes and gorgeous smile. And you'll say, "Where's my favorite niece?" And I'll run up to you and you'll give me a Muzzy hug, one that's different from all the others.

I hate talking about you in the past tense, because i feel you here. Like today... we were sure you were there. the memorium candle keeps on going out. you always hated candles. seems like you're still blowing them out. :)

Remember your 50th surprise party? haha, there were over 200 people there. this was a while after you lost peripheral vision on your left side. my dad videotaped the entire thing and when you saw the tape a few weeks later, you realized that there was one woman who followed you around, trying to give you a kiss, but never got to because you couldn't see her. so you went to her office in the city soon after and told the secretary to tell the woman that "she owes a kiss to the guy in the waiting room." that was you.

you were the one who the jury fell in love with. you were the one who didn't really like winning cases cause you worried about the other side.

and you always had a good sense of humor. when you had the second surgery, my mom and your wife (Aunt Lisa) went into the ICU to visit you. you were bandaged up and not talking. in walks a priest and starts blessing you. and ya know, we're jewish... so you say, ten minutes out of brain surgery, "excuse me sir, but would you happen to know that prayer in hebrew?" the priest apologized for not checking the chart. "it's ok, i can use any blessing you are willing to give to me," you said.

oh, one more. one time, you were late getting ready for synagogue,you got in a fight with Aunt Lisa, and she left without you. and this was when you weren't allowed to drive. you got dressed in suit and all, made a sign that said "RUSSELL AVE.," walked to the highway, and hitched to synagogue. i have a feeling that Lisa forgave you quickly.

that was you too. you loved hitching and biking and playing hookey from work to just enjoy life.

you are (as the obituary in the Times put it)the "funniest, sweetest, and bravest guy" i have ever known. there are so many more stories.

i love you always.
you are my second father.
i miss everything about you.
keep on brightening up Heaven...
your niece,
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