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ps/py/px this community is mighty dormant for no apparent reason.

tonight i was studying vocabulary out of my Up Your Score: Underground Guide to the SAT book. i think i'm one of the few people out there that A. does vocabulary on saturday night B. gets depressed while studying it.

i then was able to amass a list of other things that are like vocabulary in that they make me sad:

*diet vanilla coke
*bingo dabbers

and i'm serious. that's not a list of inside jokes or something. those things on the list actually make me sad. they all remind of me of Mer and how great it was to have her around so much this summer. s'mores because we are really good making them with minimal supplies (in any location i guarantee we can find a way to roast a s'more), salads because we made a really good salad, diet vanilla coke because i drank some with the really good salad, felicity because in maine we watched the 12:30 show of it every night before/after missions, bingo dabbers because we bingo-dabbed a car in june and at the ogunquit bingo game we had bingo dabbed eachothers noses and all the old people who were "only here to warm up for tomorrow's game in York" next to us thought we were really really really cool.

this summer i somehow spent more than a CTY session with Mer. This session didn't even have classes, except for classes How to Meet Possums 101 and How Much Everybody Out There Needs to be Fired 545. i personally think that's pretty neat. by the way, i've NEVER GONE TO CTY WITH HER.

Mer is one of the greatest friends anyone can ever have. she somehow understands about everything, is always there for anything, and cares for everyone all at once. amidst the sometime suckiness of the world, she's the most amazing person to have around (also amidst the often awesomeness of life too). She's one of the few people that can restore to me that things can get better when they are terrible, and can keep me in check when i'm off my rocker with bitterness (she's also really really fun to be bitter with. we have already made a list A-Z of things that are terrible). she also sends really good text messages.

side note: mer's on fire brb

okay and while we're at it i'm going to tell a story. alright no i'm not. okay but i have one. so, rest assured knowing that i have a really really good story about mer. actually i have 45 of them.

ok i'll directly quote mer to make up for me not telling a good mer story. "ok! it's 5AM. let's go and pop some popcorn or something now that we can". ok so that doesn't look like a really good quote but i promise it is.

okay well i just thought everyone should know that mer is super great on a scale of one to awesome. so ummm ok. everybody go give mer a hug right now or something. and if you live near her, you should go see her a lot and then i can live vicariously through you, ok? she'll probably even put your hair up all nice for you. oh man i miss her SO MUCH!!!!!


PS johnny and willy called 45 times during the making of this post
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